Fruit gums / bears - Carbs, Glycemic Index, Fats, Minerals, Vitamins & much more

Picture of Fruit gums / bears

Fruit gums / bears consists of 0% fat, 6% protein, 78% carbs, 0% fiber and 12% water. Fruit gums / bears has 348 calories per 100g, that is 79% lower than other foods in Sweets. In total 0% of the calories in Fruit gums / bears are from fat, 7% from protein and 90% from carbohydrates.

  • Very low Glycemic Index Glycemic Index: 0
  • High in carbs 11.7g carbohydrates per portion of 15g
  • Low Glycemic Load Glycemic Load: 0.0

Can you eat Fruit gums / bears for a low carb diet?

With 11.7g of carbs and a Glycemic Load of 0 in a portion of 15g, Fruit gums / bears should be avoided for a ketogenic diet due to the high percentage of carbs. Fruit gums / bears contains high amounts of Fructose, is Gluten free and has no Lactose.

Fruit gums / bears: nutrition facts & data

Nutrition facts
per 100g
Fruit gums / bears
avg Sweets[1]
Calories (kcal) 348.0 437.8
Fat (g) 0.0 16.9
Protein (g) 6.0 6.7
Carbohydrates (g) 78.0 61.5
Mono- & Di-Saccharides (g) 74.0 61.5
Polysaccharides (g) 4.0 61.5
Fibers (g) 0.1 3.8
Sodium (mg) 60.0 71.4
Water (g) 12.0 4.9
[1] average of Sweets

Breakdown in percent (%) of total calories

An average portion size (15g) of Fruit gums / bears contains:

  • 52.2 Calories
  • 0g of Fat
  • 0.9g of Protein
  • and 11.7g of Carbs
  • 9.0mg of sodium - 0.0% of the RDA for sodium.
  • 0.3mg of Magnesium, that covers 0.0% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for Magnesium.
  • 0.0mg of Zinc - 0.0% of the RDA for Zinc.
  • 0.0mg of Iron - 0.0% of the RDA for Iron.
  • 1.5mg of Potassium - 0.0% of the RDA for Potassium.
  • No Vitamin C
  • No Vitamin B12

For every gram of carbs in Fruit gums / bears you get

  • 0.08 grams of protein compared to the average of 0.46g per gram of carbs among all foods. Other foods in Sweets have on average 0.11g of proteins per 1 gram of carbs.
  • 0.00 grams of fat (total average 0.66g, other foods in Sweets 0.28g)
  • 0.00 grams of fibers (total average 0.13g, other foods in Sweets 0.06g)

Nutrient distribution per gram

What vitamins are in Fruit gums / bears?

per 100g
Fruit gums / bears
Vitamin C (mg) 0.0 0.3
Vitamin E (mg) 0.0 1.7
Vitamin B1 / Thiamine (mg) 0.0 0.1
Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.0 0.1
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.0 0.1
Vitamin B9 / Folate (μg) 0.0 12.2
Vitamin B12 (μg) 0.0 0.1
Retinol (μg) 0.0 11.0
beta-Carotene (μg) 0.0
[1] average of Sweets

Is Fruit gums / bears rich in vitamins?


The following chart displays the amount of vitamins per portion Size (15g) for Fruit gums / bears of the recommended daily allowance (RDA[1]) for each vitamin in percent.

[1]Avg. RDA for a 19-30 year old adult
Learn more about RDA values for vitamins by clicking on the names in the table above.

Minerals in Fruit gums / bears

per 100g
Fruit gums / bears
Magnesium (mg) 2.0 76.6
Zinc (mg) 0.0 1.1
Sodium (mg) 60.0 71.4
Calcium (mg) 10.0 70.0
Iron (mg) 0.1 3.9
Potassium (mg) 10.0 402.8
Phosphorus (mg) 5.0 162.0
[1] average of Sweets

Is Fruit gums / bears high in minerals?


Again, for every mineral contained in Fruit gums / bears we looked at the portion size (15g) and applied it to the recommended daily allowance (RDA[1]). Data is shown in percent of RDA per portion size.

[1]RDA for a 19-30 year old adult
Learn more about RDA values for minerals by clicking on the names in the table above.

Carbohydrates in Fruit gums / bears

78.0% of Fruit gums / bears are carbs, per serving of 15g that makes 11.7g of carbs.

Monosachharides and polysaccharides

per 100g
Fruit gums / bears
Monosaccharides (g) 74.0 44.8
Polysaccharides (g) 4.0 16.6
Total carbs (g) 78.0 61.5
[1] average of Sweets

How high are the Glycemic Index and the Glycemic Load for Fruit gums / bears?

The Glycemic Index of Fruit gums / bears is 0, which would be considered as low. The Glycemic Load in a normal serving is 0.0 and can be regarded as low.

Allergens in Fruit gums / bears

  • is Gluten free
  • has no Lactose
  • high amounts of Fructose

Fatty acids and cholesterol in Fruit gums / bears

Of the 0.0g total fat per 100g in Fruit gums / bears, 0.0g are saturated fatty acids (SFA), 0.0g are monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and 0.0g are polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). The amount of cholesterol is 0.0mg.